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I love photography. To me a powerful shot is the ultimate goal. I love finding new subjects, planning the perfect shot and capturing it.  I am from a little town in Montana, and I just moved to the Minneapolis region, and the outdoors and horses have always been,and will always be, a large part in my life.

I began my education in photography as a young girl in 4H. I started my education with film in the early 2000's, and in 2013 made the leap into digital photography with my first Nikon DSLR. I have has since upgraded my equipment numerous times, and I am  always continuing my education.


As a photographer, I see and hear all the time about how "Photographers are documenting memories." "Creating memories to cherish for a lifetime." "Telling the world through my (the photographers) eyes."


But what does that truly mean? Does that mean documenting the world through a skewed perspective, how we WANT to see it, or how it truly is? We aren't creating memories, we might be documenting them for you, but you are creating your own memories. Because lets be real, who has a photo shoot with their family and looks back and is like "That is one of my fondest memories." What? No. Nobody does that. Your fondest memories are giving birth to your child or marrying your best friend. Not a photo session in some field with your kid either cheesing like crazy (We all know that smile) or crying because you said no to something mundane.


Your fondest memories are those that are truly, and genuinely you. A photograph from me, is just going to remind you of those memories. They will remind you of the moment you looked into your true loves eyes and saw that love they have for you. That moment you were swept off your feet and really taken back with his love for you. That first look he gave you, while you were walking down the aisle in the church you grew up in, and then he starts to choke up and you almost can't keep your composure.  That moment you got to hold your sweet baby girl for the first time, after having fertility issues for 2 years and a 15 hour delivery in a small cramped hospital room where you damn near busted your husbands hand with your momma bear grip.


But I'm going to be honest here. My photography is going to remind you of the real moments as well. The moments where you thought all was over, that you were just done and there was no way out of your situation. My work isn't all sunshine and daisies, with my client work being uplifting and cheerful, my personal projects tend to be more deep, they are real and they are powerful. They dive into depression, suicide, domestic violence, mental health, power, success, inspiration and most importantly, Faith.  My projects range from the wilderness of Alaska and the badlands of the Dakota's to the city streets of New York City, Minneapolis and many cities in between.


My work isn't limited to portraits, I am an artist, and my art knows no bounds. From the men and women in our military service and law enforcement, to the fun, upbeat wedding ceremony, I will be there. Capturing the magic in the details, the romance and the drama that surrounds our lives. The power and emotion we all hold within ourselves that is just waiting to emerge and present it's self in the most amazing, and sentimental ways possible.


My personal, intimate work shows me growing as a person. It shows where I was at that point in my life. Dying to start a family, wanting with every fiber of my being to have that perfect little family in my perfect little house with my perfect little life. And going through my work, you can see that evolving. You can see where I truly fell in love with my fiance, because it was apparent in my work. You can see the passion and connection between the couple, because I was able to ignite that fire that was already there. Because I feel it too. I feel that fire, and that passion for my love, and therefore I can be the breath of fresh air to that passion my couples already have, and ignite a connection unlike any other photographer. A strong, powerful, intense connection, that is welcoming, heartwarming and genuine.


You can see in my work where I began to heal from my past. Where those wounds were healing, and I was able to express my pain, in ways that help and motivate others into starting their own healing processes. To break that fallacy that we are all perfect, living our perfect little lives. To remove those preconceived emotions and actions and show everyone the true, real, naked emotions and give everyone a genuine look into the successful woman you are meeting today. My work is my journey, and I choose to share that with my clients, because I feel that we are all on our own journeys, and we need to know that we aren't in this alone. That we all have those immense highs, and those dreadful lows, and I am here to create art that is relatable, real and powerful.


I am an artist. You will find nobody like me, my work knows no comparison, because my work is my soul, and although this world has many souls, there is not another like mine.




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